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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I have never sold excess inventory before. Where do I start?
    Well, you’ve come to the right place. We provide a Dynamic Inventory Solution. If you’ve overstocked the inventory or have close-outs and you are stuck with it, contact us today for a free inventory quote based on which we can decide your next steps.
  • What type of inventories do you accept?
    We accept all types of inventories. You can check out the list of the types on our home page and even if you can’t find them there, you Contact us today for more information. There might be a chance that we’ve dealt with it in our over 20-year-long experience of buying and selling closeouts.
  • If I sell my excess products to you, can you guarantee my privacy during and after the sale?
    Our credibility with customers and vendors is paramount! Our word is our bond. We always tell the truth and believe in doing the right thing! We know that privacy is important for your business. That is why we maintain complete confidentiality when working together and never share it with anyone.
  • If I accept the order, what will be the next steps?
    It involves a few easy steps. Once you appoint us to take away the excess inventory, we will conduct a quick quality inspection of the goods, mutually agree on a price, collect the goods, and complete the payment process and here you go.
  • Why should I choose your company to sell my excess products
    Our 20 years of experience make us the best choice for you because we know where to find great deals and we offer the best prices, more than our competitors. We always have speedy transactions, andcharge you zero hidden fees.
  • Can you guarantee the inventory quality that I will buy from you?
    Yes, we can guarantee the quality of the inventory of everything we sell. Since each item goes through a strict quality inspection test, there's no chance that you’ll ever have a quality issue with us. Also, we buy items from sellers that adhere to our quality code and inspection.
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