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About D.I.S.

Your One-Step Solution to Buying or Liquidating Inventory!

We Are Dynamic Inventory Solutions...

We Build Solid Relationships With All Our Clients and Give Them the Best Deals Possible!

Dynamic Distributors is a wholesale closeout distributor and purchaser serving the business industry forover 20 years. Our decades of experience make us able to find the most suitable deals in the market for you and help you generate a better ROI on overstocked items and close-outs. We buy surplus inventory that increases your cash flow.

We also supply you with anyinventory you need for your business when you need it! And the best part is we handle categories of all types, whether they are discontinued, overstocked, or near expiration. You may be selling or buying inventory for various reasons and that’s not our concern.We understand your situation and make your closeout process stress free and smooth. 

Our customer service is always top-notch. We believe in providing the customer with ease and search the best deals for them. We offer the best prices. Our price offering on products stems from our state-of-the-art system developed from decades of information complied that takes into account current market trends, comparable brands in the same space, expiration of product, additional remarketing expense, freight, and warehousing. Each item is reviewed and evaluated on a case-by-case basis, so there is never a pre-determined value placed on your product.

And last but not the least, our credibility with our customers and vendors is paramount! Our word is our bond. We always tell the truth and believe in doing the right thing! We know that privacy is important for your business. That is why we maintain complete confidentiality when working together. We don’t charge any hidden costs from our customers and believe in transparency. The complete process is discussed with the customers and clients beforehand to make a deal that is financially beneficial for you.

Mission & Values

We aim to assist and boost your business profits by purchasing your overstock and unwanted inventory. A complementary mission is to provide your customers with great products at a great value.

Our vision is to become the No.1 provider of quality inventory buying and selling services around the globe. 


We remain true to our values by providing first-class work and fulfilling our commitments. 

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the fastest-growing surplus inventory dealers that helps you remove your unwanted inventory. 

We give a 100% guarantee of customer satisfaction and a great stress-free experience. Our customer service is second to none. Our word is our bond, and we live by it.

Dynamic Distributors should be your go-to because:

● We believe in providing thebest experience and making the process stress-free. 
● Our over 20 years of experience make us the best choice for you because we know where to locate the best deals.
● We boost your business by offering you competitive prices which means you get a better ROI and profits.
● We maintain the complete confidentiality of our customers because we know the importance of it.
● We have the best state-of-the-art price calculating system that takes into account all the current trends and other factors

Experts in Buying and Selling Inventory, We Take Pride In Our Work!

To get our expert opinions, give us a call!

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